Interactive Mapping

I have just finished reading an article in Learning and Leading with Technology, August 2007 called Creating and Sharing Interactive Maps by Glen Bull. I have enjoyed his writing for years and am excited to try his ideas out this year. He discusses how the use of Google Maps with place markers can allow visitors to follow along with a trip. I thought about how I could do this at the Middle School so when David Glass mentioned he would like to work with me more this year to integrate technology into his teaching of Spanish, a light bulb went off. Then David said he uses geography of Spain to teach which put me in a full blown solar meltdown. I am very excited to get to work on learning how to do this project so I can be ready in September.

Some links from Glen’s article are:
America’s Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66

US Literary Map Project

The use of free tools along with the ability to share and put a face, a place, and a description, will help to make the courses come alive.

I spoke with David today and look forward to learning more about what he does and how we can map it together. Now that is mapping the curriculum!

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