First Published at NCETC in 2006

I moved this from my Moodle Blog so a larger audience can see it.

David Warlick again takes a hard topic and makes it easy to understand. His introduction to wikis was interactive as he had us work on a wiki as we were active learners. Check out my notes.

I am now in Patrick Crispen’s Complete and Total Waste of Time. is a web site where you can do everything you want. is really useful if you like to listen to music. This site will allow you to create a web-based radio station based on artists you like. Check it out. – This site with a sort of bad name that means to Rasterize and images. It allows you to upload images and create multipage blow-up of the image. is a great site to get royalty-free short background pieces of music for movie projects as long as you do not make the finished project public.

Tiny will allow you to take a long URL and make it small.

Concert Ticket Generator will allow you to create realistic concert tickets. Could be useful to make tickets for events in a classroom.

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