Visual Hub

Fred Bartels recently post on the ISED listserv about this tool. I can see the benefit of having this tool in the growing digital toolkit as we adjust from being a text  based learning environment to a digital audio and video learning environment. It costs $23.32 and is available for free trial download that is limited to 2 minute video.

Here is Fred’s post.

A wonderful little program for doing video conversions is VisualHub It is Mac only, and for those familiar with Macs, it is kind of a video equivalent of Graphic Convertor.
VisualHub will create Flash video files, so you then just need to find the video player piece. BTW, VisualHub makes use of all 4 cores on our Mac Pro tower so it’s really fast doing compressions. For those of you starting to
play around with HD video, VisualHub is a great tool to compress file sizes down to reasonable sizes while maintaining that great HD quality.

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