What our students say about DAILE Moodle

DA Teacher – Mrs. Ward allowed Red Hat to film her students using the DAILE Moodle. Here is feedback her students generated which she shared with Julie and Greg from Red Hat.

“Thank you for coming to our class.  Aside from making us all feel very cool if even for just one period (of course the students managed to carry it on throughout the day!), your presence also allowed us to discuss what we like and don’t like about Moodle.  Below is a representative sample.  (I have done no editing.)  The themes of “organization” and “consolidation of resources” are prominent.  I hope this is of some use.  We are looking forward to seeing your article.

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I thought the Red Hat moodle day was pretty normal seeming, even though there were people with cameras. That hats and frisbees were cool, though! And so was the green $100 computer. that is a great way to extend knowledge to people who don’t want or can’t afford a $1500 laptop.
I like moodle as a tool for learning. It allows discussions that we can have with our friends, but which can have more depth and knowledge than just a normal argument because we can look up information as we type it. Another reason it is good is for homework. If we lose our syllabus or lose a worksheet, we can just go right to moodle, find it, and then be able to turn it in on time.
I felt like class was more fun in the lab on moodle. The fact that moodle and the internet have more visuals really helps me. Moodle is very straight-forward, and yet it can be used in countless ways. We can take quizzes on moodle, do journal entries, and get assignments. In the classroom it could be (and already is) a very good way to learn.
Today was not at all tense even though there was a guy with a huge camera, and the people were really nice (and gave us free stuff).

I thought the experience in the lab was a good opportunity to learn more about clouds on our own. Moodle is a great tool at home and at school, as students often lose handouts and homework schedules when they are in the paper form. With Moodle, everything is in one place and easy to keep track of. Also, it often makes it unnecesary for us to print our assignments up, leaving less room for broken printers and wasted paper. Moodle is also good because the internet is a really good resource for research and education, and having the links online makes it much easier to reach the websites and share our thoughts on them with the class. It is really the only out of class place where we can have a class wide conversation about subject matter.

I thought it was lots of fun and interesting that another business would like to see how 8th grade middle school students use online programs.  I think that we should use moodle in the class room  because then our work is neater, more things can be done in one class period, and be able to discuss more than one topic virtually at the same time.  You can also message friends when ever not only ask the person next to you.

I thought yesterday’s experience was really cool and fun. I really liked Redhat and the computer they made for 100 bucks. I think Moodle is a great tool to use in the classroom. I can learn lots of cool stuff because Ms. Ward can easily get links to what we are trying to learn and post them on Moodle. Moodle is also a great on-line resource outside class because it is easy to get notes and to have fun creative discussions with your friends. Moodle is a great on-line source and I think that the lower school should start to experience Moodle.

This was quite an unusual experience with a camera behind my back but I think I learned a lot about Red Hat. Moodle is a very useful tool inside class and out, because if I lose an assignment sheet for all of my homework, in less than a minute I can look it up on moodle and print out another one. Also, I enjoy participating in class discussions in all of the forums about everything we do in class, so if I have a question, its answered instantly.

I really think that moodle is a great way to stay connected with in class work and especially homework. Whether we are having discussions, or the ability to get notes off line that have been posted. It is also really helpful to have important resources about our unit, in case you might need some extra help. I think moodle is a great way to stay oraganized and on top of the projects and homework going on!

With our planet changing every day Moodle is one step closer to eliminating the use of paper and textbooks. This is very promising because of the things happening with global warming, we need all the trees we can get. But saving the environment isn’t the only reason that Moodle is a great and useful tool. If you were to miss class one day then you can pick all the assignments up on-line and not get behind in class. Moodle is very helpful in-class as well, such as quizzes or in class activities that use the Internet. Overall Moodle is a great program that is leading us into a future with out wasting paper and providing a very unique, useful tool.

I thought that it was cool that we were filmed using Moodle. I like using Moodle because it is easy to use and, if you have internet, then you can access it. Also, the homework is posted there so if you forget it, it is there. It is also a good place to post class notes and sources to study.

Today’s experience was not too different from other days; it was as if we were just doing an activity and no one was watching us. I like using Moodle in the classroom. I like Moodle in general, too. It’s really organized. I especially like it as an online resource outside the classroom because all the information you need is there, and it’s really easy to use.

I thought that today was very fun, and also very helpful. I learned a lot about clouds that I didn’t know before. I think moodle is a very useful tool for students, and helps making learning easier. When you are using moodle, sometimes you don’t even realize that you are learning, even though you are. Also, moodle is a great place for teachers to post notes on what happened in class that day. Moodle also gives you great resources for studying and understanding tough concepts. Moodle is awesome and everyone should use it.

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