The Constitution Project

For the 8th grade History Project, we will use the web sites that Mrs. Longee has shown you during your time in the library. As Mr. Dahlgren and Mr. Costello have outlined the project:

Over the next several days, you will be working to produce a  project demonstrating an understanding of the Constitution of the United States.
You may choose what type of technology that you like in your production of this Constitution project.  From Power Point or Keynote, to a Podcast, to using Word to create a booklet or diary, ing the software “Pages” to create a flyer/brochure , Comic Life to create a book, to iMovie (using still images) or even a colletion of songs created from Garageband, your work needs to answer specifically assigned questions on the Constitution.  If you choose a podcast, movie, songs or even a Power Point /Keynote presentation, you need to produce a script before beginning production.  Think about your comfort level when choosing the type of product. Challenge yourself, but do not take on more then you can do in the time you will be given. 

In your Constitution project, whatever the form, the following topics need to be covered:

1)  The purpose of the Constitution?
2)  When, where and by whom was it written?
3)  Identifying and defining the parts of the Constitution
4) The idea of Separation of Powers
5) The system of Checks and Balances
6) The principle of Federalism
7) The importance of the Bill of Rights
8)  And finally, a brief assessment of why the
Constitution is important in our study

Web Sites to use:

Ben’s Guide 

Library of Congress – American Memory 

Wikipedia – as a secondary reference. There are good links to images and other sites as well.

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