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As we get ready to present the Technology Task Force Proposals to the faculty and staff on Monday, 2/4 I thought I would use a bit of Web 2.0 and share the presentation using

There have been 17 people who have worked on this task force and the work represents the best practices and ideas for how Durham Academy should proceed. While the 3 recommendations are large with respect to requiring teachers to become clickable, attend training and integrate technology many already have been doing this as they recognized the importance. The digital device is the boldest recommendation and yet that also has already started to happen as more and more students are bringing laptops to school.

The biggest change that will happen is that all students will have the tools and access to a clickable teacher instead of just those that have chosen to integrate the technology into their classroom. The chaos that will surely happen when only some students have a digital device will not happen if we make sure all students have the correct digital device loaded with the content they need.

If all 3 recommendations are not approved, Durham Academy will continue to be a great institution, however, all of our students will not have equal access which will need to be addressed in the future

Here is the presentation. Comments are welcome.

[slideshare id=248747&doc=durham-academy-technology-task-force-1201810177698988-5&w=425]

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