When Learning Is Connected


Our school is using Membean this year in grades 6 – 11 as a way to move beyond the painful vocabulary lessons of the past. The company is awesome to work with and this email from a sixth grade student to her teacher is why we know this is the correct path to take.

Dear Mrs. Williams,
Ok, sorry, I think this will be the last email in a while! Sorry I send a lot! 
I just wanted to say one last cool thing about my things. I really appreciate Membean now, because I see a lot of those words in my books! One example: I also have found many more than just ascertain! If I didn’t do Membean, I wouldn’t know the meaning of the word!

Thank you!

Autumn W. 

Thanks Autumn for making the connection and letting us know. To learn more about Autumn and other thoughts about Membean, visit her blog. http://20autumnw.edublogs.org/ To learn more about Ms. Williams’ class, visit her blog. http://jwroom211.edublogs.org/