The Backchannel students use to get ready for exams

Class of 2016 Spanish Prep


The Class of 2016 is buzzing as students get ready for exams next week. This backchannel happens all of the time and many teachers are now able to collect and use it by including a Moodle Discussion Forum for these posts as well. Knowledge to the people!

12/7/10 6:37 PM

Hello Spanish takers! We have made a Spanish Exam Prep for Spanish 7 1/2 set on Quizlet! It has 283 terms on it. Come join my Quizlet group for access! Email me if you’re interested.


Ryan S.

12/8/10 4:45 PM

Now has 420 terms!


Ryan S.

12/8/10 9:12 PM

Can you send me the link please….I need Sspanish help…

Sydney A.



12/9/10 4:41 PM

Thanks… could you add me…


Sincerely, Caroline G.

12/9/10 5:40 PM

Now has 618 terms! We are pretty sure we aren’t expanding it more.


Ryan S.

Update: Prep Continues

12/12/10 12:53  PM

Same! add me por favor!!


🙂 MacKenzi 🙂

12/12/10 5:40  PM

Im interested… add me



B-ball season, probably practicing

12/12/10 6:09  PM

You guys have to add yourselves, I’ll send you both an email on how to do it, I’ve already got the others in. One second..


Ryan S.

12/12/10 7:47  PM

How do I add myself?




-Stephanie 🙂

12/13/10 3:51 PM



Ryan S.

12/13/10 4:27 PM

This is a screen shot of my recent responses.


Ryan S.

Quizlet 2010-12-13 at 4.19.58 PM.png


12/13/10 3:59  PM – I asked Ryan for the links so everyone could see it

And here’s the link to the group.

12/14/10 10:26  AM – I asked Ryan why he changed the name.

The old name was Platypus. I made the group in like 1 minute during History class last year. I never knew that it would get this big! I wanted it to be more recognizable to DA people.


Ryan S.

I believe this is a good indicator how students are learning to collaborate and share with tools not sponsored by the school. I plan to blog about this sharing and how we must be doing more of it as it is a skill that should be taught much like any other skill schools teach.


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