Adjusting Plans to Maximize Learning

The STEAM by Design Seminar credo of Fail Fast is in full display with the adjustments to Micro:bits from Circuits Playgrounds. I had hoped that the CS Discoveries course would allow us to get into electronics deeper then we did. I think it was because the interface was hard to understand especially without any previous coding experience. That is one reason why we did CodeMonkey first in C when we switched. After talking with Leigh Northrup from Cannon School about my struggles with Arduino, he echoed the same frustration and said he was abandoning Arduino in the middle school setting. Perhaps, if I knew more about the Arduino IDE we could do it from that instead of the course. Instead, he was going with Micro:bits. I had heard of them so I purchased some kits for us. I am going to use a course called Making with Micro:bit by Douglas Kiang & Mary R. Kiang to lead us into creating and programming the Micro:bit.

We will use Microsoft’s Make Code site which requires no user accounts.

Micro:bits with Makecode

Learning to flow adjust is not easy, but I am working on doing it faster instead of sticking with something for too long.

Quoting Kevin Brookhouser: “Failure is an option, Failure to Deliver is Not.” While this would seem to apply to the work students do, I think it applies to all who are learning.

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