Giving Students a Chance to Find Their Voice and Face

Speak Even if Your Voice Shakes

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Mrs. Howes’s students chose issues they care about, conducted researched to support their ideas, and composed and mailed persuasive letters to people they believed could help these changes come about. This VoiceThread extends their persuasive efforts to the world, as they explain their projects and use their voices to advocate for change!

Below you will find the five VoiceThreads created by her students focused on Global, National, Local, School and Sports issues. Please take a few minutes to listen to what these students have to say about changes they would like to see in their world. Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about these issues. (You will need to log in to view with either a free account or your school’s account)

I asked the students to record video comments as I believe we need to help our students learn how to use their voice and face in order to share effectively. Of course, we all have to get over how our voice sounds which is often the largest hurdle to overcome especially in middle school.

Global Issues VoiceThread

National Issues VoiceThread

Local Issues VoiceThread

School Issues VoiceThread

Sports Issues VoiceThread

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