Learning to Teach how to Learn is Hard

I worked with my Digital Learning class today on my Master Teacher Academy project inspired by Daniel Pink’s Two Question video. As we discussed the concepts, responsibilities, and outcomes, I had the sense that what I was asking them was very new to them. I like reading Dean Shareski’s posts as he has an inspiring message as I try to adjust my teaching. I am trying to have my students guide their learning more with me assisting and coaching as we both learn together. My students today were in too much of a rush to get the project done. I felt like I had to hold them back as I want to go deeper and get to a level of emotional connectedness to this project. Granted, it may be that I am too connected to the project, since it is my project and not theirs. I understand that, but I am guiding more here for a reason. Anyway, I am sure we will get to where I want us to get as my students rise to the occasion. I was struck by how this video echos many similar themes. I am working on growing as an educator and this helped me today. That makes me better today, then I was yesterday. Thank you to Dean Shareski and Shelley Wright.

There will more about the project I described later, but for now let’s listen and learn from Shelley and her students.

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