Connected Learning – The Thrill of Discovery and Looping

Stephen Barringer sent me and other teachers the following link to a Google Presentation on the Future of Learning.

Hey Everyone,
I am sure you have probably already seen this presentation, but on the off chance you have not, this is incredibly thought provoking.  Especially, the short video clip that is embedded on slide 98, which deals with the way we teach math.  It is an exciting and also terrifying time to be in education when you contemplate the ways it will have to adapt to the incredibly wired children of the future. 
Here is the link…..  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

He is absolutely correct and I thought I would embed the video he mentioned as I agree. In fact, last year when TED x NYED was in the planning stages, I heard about it on the Ed Tech Talk podcast called 21st Century Learning hosted by Vinnie, Alex, and Arvind. Dan Meyer presented at the very conference. It is nice to see the ease at how resources can be shared with each other to connect our learning. I am also starting to see a loop where topics I learn about are coming back to me from people outside of my personal learning network. Does this happen for students?
How did you learn Math?

Shea Craig also shared a Google document on the cool things going on now on “The Creative Internet

Updated 11/30/2010 After I reflected on this post, I realized that school is all about looping in that each year students hear about information from the year before in many classes. I believe it was Sir Ken Robinson who said “Most great learning happens in groups” (at 10:48). I am glad to be part of such a large group of learners and reflective thinkers.

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