Wisdom of Teachers and Students

A few years ago Julie Williams proposed teaching sixth graders to use Photoshop. The students all read the book Wisdom Tales from Around the World The idea was students would use Comic Life to create a comic to tell the story of one of the wisdom tales they read. Students needed to draw the comic panels for each scene and while we had Skitch, and even AppleWorks for drawing, Photoshop was clearly the best tool the project. I had my fears as to whether or not students could grasp and more importantly, could I teach this complicated piece of software. After three or more years of watching Julie and her students create master pieces, I am so happy that I overcame my fear/reluctance and helped to make it happen. Not all sixth grade teachers use Photoshop for the unit as Skitch works very well. For those students who learn Photoshop, their creative world opens up wider for them. I see them playing/educationally investigating´╗┐┬áPhotoshop in the lab at break time.

Below are two examples of work being done by students. I was walking by and took them with my new iPod Touch. Both students gave me permission to use their images. Never underestimate what students can and SHOULD do.



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