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I was accepted to be one of a few Master Teacher as part of NCAIS Virtual that was looking for “Change Agents”. I debated taking on this role/task as I had been working on streamlining my life. The more I considered it though, the more I wanted to be a part of something big like this as I see it as a great opportunity to learn new strategies and connect with teachers and trainers outside of Durham Academy. I consider myself to be pretty versed in many of the tools but am always looking to learn and challenge myself more. I think all educators need to continue to push past the comfort zone of ” What I did last year”.

The training starts in January and is even at the Hill Center.

What will I learn? How will I grow as a teacher? What impact will be felt at Durham Academy? How big will the audience be for our collaborative work? How will my teaching change?

The information below is from NCAIS Virtual

21st Century Teaching Academy

Mission Statement

Present day education requires a more complex and demanding educational landscape.  The 21st Century Teaching Academy embraces a constructivist conception of school transformation and acknowledges the importance of changing minds, not just practices.  The Academy affirms the value of educational leaders to stimulate the reflections needed to unsettle the status quo and mobilize change.

Opening the door for 21st century teaching and learning involves a commitment to professional development training.  The 21st Century Teaching Academy is the essential component and change agent committed to making this professional development happen



Master Teacher Academy

The NCAIS Master Teacher Academy represents Phase I of our 21st Century Training model.  10-12 teacher from NCAIS Virtual member schools will be chosen from a pool of applicants to receive elite training (at no cost to schools other than release time to attend the training) to become part of a unique 21st century collaborative that is attracting nationwide attention.  The 4 day 3 night training will take place in the winter of 2011.

Our training team includes:

Amanda Antico-Majkowski, Educational Consultant and Chang Agent

Faculty from the Online Learning Task Force at St. Alban’s School, Washington, DC

Christopher Gergen, Founder of Bull City Forward, Durham, NC

Bruce Friend, NCAIS Virtual Education Consultant

Select NCAIS Innovators

Encourage the “Difference Makers” at your school to apply for this selective NCAIS program and let us take them to a Whole New Level!


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