Devices Students Bring to School

We have policies at school about cell phones, iPods and even student own laptops. Students follow the policies as we have a great bunch of students. Sure, some students pull out a cell phone to call someone or other infraction throughout the day but for 90 – 95% of the students, it is in their bag if needed.
I have written about this in the past in how I want to capture and use the devices in the backpacks. This is more on that line of thinking, although what is changing is the increase in the number of students and the variation of devices. I thought I would photograph some of the devices I have helped students setup to use on the school network. What is great is that we can do this for almost any device and monitor and filter the experience just like a school owned computer on campus.

New MacBook

An Acer Netbook

A MacBook

Another MacBook

Yet Another MacBook


iPod Touch

2 students and 2 iPod Touches

2 students on Friday afternoon configuring

Collaboration in the computer lab

I heard from one teacher today that 7 of her students now bring a laptop to school. They get frustrated when there is software on the campus computers that they do not have on their laptop so they must use one of the 4 year old MacBooks instead. Of course a laptop program would take that issue away.

What about the students who do not have parents who can afford these devices? I think we need to be concerned about the differences in learning opportunities that this presents. I am in favor of more opportunities and not fewer of course:)

Perhaps in a few weeks I can add a LiveScribe Pen as a device!

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