The “I’m Done “Student Created Content in a Moodle Course

Ever had a student who said: “I am done” when you have others who have not started? We gave those students a challenge to make flashcards using Keynote and then record it using Garageband. Once it was done, they were to share it via a DAILE Moodle discussion form. Wow, did they make it better then we imagined. What started out as a simple concept became a text, audio and digital literacy tool that is iPod ready. Using the voice of Alexstudents were able to practice what the words sounded like since many had never heard them before. This helped, but of course learning is a continuum so not all students got each word correct the first time. I was impressed with the student who decided that images would add context to the vocabulary definition. Nice touch. Never underestimate what a student will do when they say; I’m done. We should all say: I’m done with being the only one creating the content for our learning. I am always impressed with how students help each other use the tools of their generation.

Next year after the teacher assembles the best vocabulary tutorials, she can podcast them so next year students can learn from this years students.
Vocabulary Week 4


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