How do you stop them from learning?

So, the Romeo and Juliet unit ended weeks ago and yet students keep wanting to retell what they learned. How could this be? How can we stop this desire to translate scenes? In addition, students are collaborating on this project since the scenes are not shot at one location. This must be stopped as the Unit is over, I tell you, over.

Of course, I am using sarcasm to highlight how students engage and continue to learn when they are interested and enjoy the tools they using to learn.

While not related to Romeo and Juliet, this student became so passionate about learning to play a song on the piano that he used his mother’s laptop to record the audio track in GarageBand so he could play it for his classmates and teachers. He then used the built-in camera to record him playing the song with no sheet music. I heard you can see him at school practicing playing the piano whenever he has a spare moment. He brought the laptop into school to share it with his classmates.
Piano Player

How awesome is this? What do you think, should we encourage this with devices for students or should we keep the school learning separate from the personal learning?

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