http://flashstacks.com/ is a new tool for Durham Academy Middle School Students. The software was written by Robert Kindman and Joel Nackman who are now Upper School students.

Presently, there are no stacks are in the Middle School’s partition on the server, so when you “Open Stacks” on FlashStacks, none will appear (until middle schoolers start making stacks of their own)

You can also find detailed background on the program, help, and cool javascript lightboxes at FlashStacks.com

For the middle school, I can see two forms of deployment that might make the process smooth and successful (what we want).

1) Presenting the program to all students and teachers in middle school during an assembly – this assures, obviously, maximum exposure. There are problems with doing this… , minor technical difficulties that seem to somehow be present in almost every sort of presentation of this nature can cause a negative outlook on the program (bad), although this shouldn’t stop anyone from presenting in an assembly if that’s deemed to be the best solution.

2) Having specific teachers integrate FlashStacks into their test review. For instance, if Mrs. Brown has a test on China coming up, instead of (or in addition to) a paper review sheet, she could have her classes  (or just one) review using FlashStacks. (I see an nice extra credit opportunity for the student that’s willing to publish the stack).

“FlashStacks is a virtual flashcard maker designed by DA students for DA students. FlashStacks allows students to create “stacks” of flashcards for upcoming tests, quizzes or exams. With the press of a button, students can upload their stacks to a server for safekeeping. Once on the server, not only can students retrieve their own stacks for further studying, but they can also browse and study with a library of stacks created by other students. FlashStacks strives to build a community of peers with one focus in mind: to study (and maybe even have a little fun doing so).”

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