The Saga of Shelf Technology

Dsc01661 AlphaSmarts waiting the call
Dsc01664 iPods with Belkin Tune Talks ready for action
Dsc01663 Camcorders and Tripods rested and charged

I am guilty of stretching too far in what I want to do with our students as that is my nature. There is a fine balance between having the technology tools on hand for when I get to work with teachers and students, and having it on a shelf laying fallow. I suppose it has to do with the downturn in the economy and how I must approach my purchasing decisions that I am seeing things differently. Maybe it is the book I am reading by Thomas Friedman Hot, Flat and Crowded and how I think the culture of consumerism is unsustainable that has sparked these thoughts. I think the reflection and contemplation is a great turn of events as I am applying it in all areas of my life. I am by nature a gadget hound that often is the first person at my school to get a new device. I do this as part of my job so I know I must keep us at the forefront of learning devices and strategies. Those who know me know I am an Apple Fan Boy. I am also now known as “The Moodle Guy” so I go with the best tool for the task at hand.
What I am realizing is that there is far too much time that technology tools sit on a shelf waiting to be used for a class project. How do I combat this shelving of technology? Recruit and help teachers integrate more or is it a natural shift in what happens in education. Will I need more of fewer shelfs in the future?

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