iPod Mobile Learning Lab

I am ready to roll out the Lower School iPod Learning Lab after getting the TRON-X for iPod case and the 15 unit Parasync iPod dock both are from Parat Solutions. I am excited to get these in the hands of our teachers and students. It has taken longer then I had hoped to get the parts assembled but we have a setup that should work well.

This photo shows the case and the dock.parat solutions

This photo shows the dock with 15 iPod Nanos.

This photo shows iTunes and the 15 iPods connected.

This photo shows the connector in the bottom of the dock.

This lab will use the Raybook lessons that we purchased last year in addition to iTunes U.

From my post last October 2007.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Williams from Modality Learning and discuss a product his company has been working on called Raybook.
Now the tag line for Modality is “Making Small Screens Smarter”. The concept is simple enough, work with publishers to adapt their content to a small screen much like iTunes has adapted music to an mp3 player. We know where we are now with the iPod and other players. I know of schools, Durham Academy included that has purchased iPods with the Belkin Tune Talk to record podcasts for publishing on the Internet. We hoped to perhaps create audio books by having a parent narrate a book we own or even work with Audible Education to load content onto the iPods. Both of these methods could work, but the issue was one was just an input device for recording while the other had the issue of getting just the right content onto the device.

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